Avid Continues As The Choice for Professionals

NAB Show - April 2012Avid had their normal, huge presence at NAB again. They are attacking the market from so many different angles, it is really hard, if not impossible to summarize their news with just one or two themes, so Steve ‘Wolfie’ Browender of our staff put together this synopsis.  Thanks, Wolfie!

Avid is OPEN!  Avid continues its initiative to work with other hardware including AJA, BlackMagic Design, Matrox, Motu and BlueFish 444.  Avid is also expanding its compatibility with other codecs and is encouraging other manufacturers to incorporate the DNxHD compression scheme into their products.  BlackMagic, ARRI, AJA, Cinedeck and SoundDevices are already taking advantage of DNxHD and other will be coming.

Avid Motion Graphics has replaced Avid’s long-time graphics system Deko.  AMG (Avid Motion Graphics) Creation Station is a software-only solution for creating graphics and starts at about $12K.  AMG Production is for smaller TV stations and cable facilities looking for professional looking graphics at a lower cost.  $35K.
ISIS shared storage has been expanded in a couple of ways. 
  • The enterprise ISIS 7000 will now support up to 24 crates of storage or 1.4PB (petabytes) with the use of 4TB blades.
  • The ISIS 5000 features a 16TB primary engine for about $33K.  It will now do uncompressed RGB with the use of the 10GB port on the engine.
  • Isis 2000 is Avid’s latest addition to the ISIS line.  It is for nearline storage and integrates seamlessly with the other ISIS products.  The base ISIS 2000 includes 240TB of nearline storage for about $255K.  It is designed as a “parking lot” for inactive projects and offers proxy viewing of anything on the system.  ISIS 2000 offers RAID 6 protection.

Interplay Sphere
is an exciting new offering from Avid that gives field journalists full access to newsroom files and allows any field journalists to connect to each other.  It basically allows journalists to use “the cloud” to piece together projects.  This will allow journalists in the field to edit stories quickly and include footage or files from the newsroom and other field reporters.  Interplay Sphere will be available in the later half of 2012 for $50K for five client seats.

Media Composer 6.1 is the latest evolution of Avid’s editing platform.  Among the additions in this version is support for AS-02 and JPEG2000 files.  MC6.1 gives editors “multiplatform support and distribution.”  What this means in English is that there is now an integration between transcoding, content management and distribution of files.

Other popular features of the MC software include that it is a 64 bit application, an improved user interface, Artist Color support , DNxHD444, AVCHD , Red, true Stereoscopic 3D support and access to stock footage from within the app.

  • Avid Media Access (AMA), Avid’s unique and revolutionary process that allows editors to use codecs natively without transcoding, continues to improve.  There is now a plug-in for SDK for third parties, full metadata support, Native ProRes support on Mac systems and decoding support of ProRes on PCs.
  • Codec Mixing on the Avid MC and Symphony timelines.


$999 Symphony Upgrade Promotion Through June 15th!
They also have a very cool promo going on right now where you can upgrade to their Symphony software for just $999!  All you need is an existing license of Media Composer, Xpress Pro, or Final Cut.  This offer expires June 15th.


For other NAB news, please checkout Avid’s web site for more information or give us a call!

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