Deal: Receive 5 Additional Tapes with Purchase of mLogic LTO Drive

Now is a great time to get into LTO to secure your data. Get 5 tape cartridges in addition to the single tape that comes standard. mLogic offers a variety of plug and play, Thunderbolt 2 LTO tape solutions.

mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 2 LTO-6 Ultrium External Tape Drive

mLogic Promotion - May June 2017 - 5 LTO Tapes Free

At Z Systems, we have been advocates of LTO tape as a backup and archive solution for quite some time, and with the regular advancements in LTO tape technology, we still feel it is the best choice to secure your data now and into the future.

LTO tape offers a shelf-life of 30+ years and much higher reliability than either hard drives or solid state drives. And not only is LTO tape more reliable than disk, it is much less expensive.

Organizations with a large volume of data to backup and archive on a regular basis might require an LTO tape library to manage dozens hundreds of tapes. However, what if you don’t have thousands of terabytes of data to archive on a regular basis? That is where mLogic’s offerings hit the sweet spot.

Paired with your favorite software, mLogic’s simple Thunderbolt 2 plug and play devices make it easy to keep your data secure for the long term. See below for a few of our favorite mLogic products.

Don’t forget the software to make backup and archiving easier!
Save on bundles with PreRoll Post and YoYottaID LTFS software! Click a product for pricing.

mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 2 LTO-6 Ultrium External Tape Driveclick here to buy

mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 2 LTO-7 External Tape Drive

From: $5,199.00

mRack LTO-7 Dualclick here to buy

mLogic mRack LTO-7 Rack Mountable Tape Drive (Single or Dual)

From: $5,999.00

mRack DIT LTO-7click here to buy

mLogic mRack DIT LTO-7 Rack Mountable RAID Enclosure and Tape Drive

From: $5,999.00

This promotion expires June 30th.

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