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Data management made simple.

Feature Comparison Chart

P5 Synchronize P5 Backup P5 Backup2Go P5 Archive
Replicate data
to ensure high availability
Backup server data to disk and tape Backup desktop and laptop data
to disk
Migrate data from disk to
Save to
FS Events/CDP
File Versions

Restore Access
via Browser or
in FileSystem
Restrictable access
File Filter
Migration/Move Data
Data Interchange between Platforms

Server OS
Mac OS X Server
Mac OS X

Client OS
Mac OS X Server
Mac OS X

File System Support

P5 Synchronize

Clone your Data – Replicate data to ensure high-availability
  • Mirror between different locations
  • Availability for time critical data
  • No restore necessary
  • Share between workgroups
  • Xsan cloning
  • File System Event support

P5 Backup

Server backup – Back up server data to disk and tape
  • Interruptible backup process
  • Optional restore for single users
  • Simplified off-site storage
  • Snapshots offer point in time restore
  • Maximum throughput with parallel read/write
  • Manage large data sets through Progressive Backup

P5 Backup2Go

Workstation Backup – Back up desktop and laptop data to disk
  • From 10 to 10,000 workstations
  • Centrally managed
  • Flexible policies for different workgroups
  • Central deployment
  • User restore with timeline
  • Invisible background process

P5 Archive

Make room – Move or migrate data offline to disk and tape
  • Search by visual previews
  • Cloning for off-site storage
  • Optional user access
  • Platform neutral data format
  • Data integrity verification before removal
  • Integrate with Final Cut Server and other 3rd party solutions

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