New Toys From GoPro

We aren’t really GoPro dealers, but let’s face it, we are all working with this wonderful camera in some way or another. In addition to the Hero 2, which came out 6 months ago, they have a new wireless remote that can control multiple cameras…
They also have a new underwater lens for scuba diving:


ATTO R680 SAS Raid with SSD’s Does Over 5 GBytes/Second!

ATTO Shows Off Their R680 SAS Controller’s Potential.

The R680 6 Gbit SAS controller card from ATTO is nothing new, but it is a workhorse of our industry. We take it for granted, but isn’t it great to buy something that seems to have such long legs technology-wise.

Here’s a short clip showing one card doing over 5 GigaBytes per second via two SSD arrays. Most of us probably don’t need this much speed right now, but it’s sure nice to know it’s there!


Blackmagic Design – Other Items of Interest…

Other Blackmagic items that caught my eye were the ATEM switchers. The price points are amazing and the design is very nice. Did you know they have programmable OLED displays over each channel for labeling? Very nice touch.
They also announced a plethora of new I/O devices. I find it hard to keep them all straight!


Sales Tax on Out Of State Purchases Isn’t a New Tax

There has been a lot of controversy (for a long time now) regarding enforcement of a uniform sales tax policy, especially for online, out-of-state purchases.  People are crying to ‘make it fair.’ One thing I’ve learned over my time in the business world and as a taxpayer, is that there […]


Welcome to my blog…


John Z here. I hope to use this little corner or our new web site (thanks, Brittany, for doing such an awesome job!) to talk about topics that are a little more off-beat – not just rote product descriptions or promos, but thoughts and insights into our industry.

Please feel free to give me feedback on these posts – are they interesting? sycophantic? obvious? too obscure? helpful? Do you agree? no?, and why?

– Z


Blackmagic Design’s New Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design continues to grow and expand its product line breadth and depth.

One of the products that created the most buzz at the show was their Cinema Camera. It features a wide 13 stops dynamic range, 2.5k resolution, EF & ZE lens compatibility, SSD recorder, RAW, ProRes and DnxHD. Probably the most important feature is the price, only $2,995!

It looked pretty cool. We think it is a low cost way for people to dip their toe into above HD production without breaking the bank.


XServe Mac Mini?

Sonnet Technologies is taking extreme measures to combat the loss of the Apple XServe: a 1 RU rack mount enclosure with a Thunderbolt to PCIe breakout chassis. Very funny. Why, Apple, do you keep killing these great products?

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