Sony4K Workflow

(last updated 4-22-14) Workflow Articles for the F5 / F55: An interesting article on the new SLOG3 Gamma Curve: Understanding SLog3 by Alister Chapman A discussion thread about SLOG-2 vs. SLOG-3 Sony Forum Discussion Thread SLOG-2 vs SLOG-3 Sony’s Cine Alta workflow guide: Sony’s 4K Workflow Guide (version 2.0) A […]


Some Basic Tips On Setting Up Sony’s PVM-1741 and PVM-2541 OLED Monitors

These new monitors from Sony are really blowing people away, but there are some basic settings you need to know to make sure the monitors are setup to truly give you a reference standard picture. Here are some simple steps to properly setup your monitor: Part I:  In The Monitor’s […]


Sony OLED Production Monitors Are The Obvious Choice

These guys were the big hit of the show last year, and still nothing else came close to them this year. Yes, their tag line is ‘The New Black,’ but these monitors are superior to everything else out there on three fronts: Pixel to Pixel response – much faster than […]


Fujinon’s 19-90 PL Mount ‘Cabrio’ Compact Zoom Lens ZK4.7×19

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great that lower cost options are out there for those just getting into a prime lens collection, but it is nice to see companies like Fujinon ‘step up’ into this market. The PL19-90 Cabrio zooms lens hits this mark. It’s fast, works with all of their standard controls, and the servo is removable if you want to work in a more traditional, manual EFP or cine mode.


A Little More Tiger Technology and metaSAN …

Tiger Technology’s metaSAN and metaLAN is really an enabling technology – allowing people to build and upgrade their own SAN systems that perform really well. Choosing metaSAN means not being locked into one vendor for the servers, drives, switches, etc. It also means being able to port (i.e. reuse) your software licenses as your needs grow and your hardware requirements change. This is nothing short of huge, being that shared storage is quickly becoming one of the larger investments that you will make in your facility.

We’ve put together a great entry point utilizing this technology with our Z-Share server. 4 Clients, 16 TB storage. Installed with a one year service contract for about $15,000! Here’s a link: Z-Share by Z Systems.


LTFS (Linear Tape File System) for LTO Tape Drives Now Works With Windows!

We were all really excited when LTFS came out for the Mac OS X platform a year and a half ago.

Finally, there was a relatively easy way to write files to an LTO tape drive without having to slog through expensive and complicated backup or archival software.

In our industry, this is ideal for making camera master backups in the field or in the edit suite. Since you can get 1.5 TB on to an $80 tape, most of the time all the files from a shoot would fit on one tape.

This coupled with the really fast writing speed (>100 MB/sec) will really help LTFS take off as an inexpensive, portable archive and simple backup format.



Hi everyone!!I just got back from San Francisco, where the English company Squarebox treated me to some in-depth training on CatDV, which is their asset management framework. While it’s designed for the special needs of the video production professional, it also can be used to manage, catalog, and archive any […]

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