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Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Sample Footage

Here are some of our favorites video samples and tests with the Sony F5 and F55. Eventually we will have FTP-downloadable sample files here, so you can see how they work with your editing systems. We’ll link them as these files become available: Sample Footage (Sorted By Codec by Resolution) […]


Sony4K More Info

(last updated 3-11-15) Information about Sony’s Super 35 mm Cameras: The F5, F55, and FS7: Sony PXWFS7 Manual Sony PXWFS7 Brochure Sony PXWFS7 FAQs Odyssey 7Q with FS RAW Setup Guide A quick video about their new ENG build-up kit  – ‘All the switches are in the right places’ exclaimed […]


Sony4K Downloads

(last updated 4-22-14) Note:  For the most up-to-date information on the Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55, subscribe to their forum at We will try to keep these links up-to-date, but it never hurts to double-check that these are indeed the latest and greatest. All of the links below are for […]


Sony4K Workflow

(last updated 4-22-14) Workflow Articles for the F5 / F55: An interesting article on the new SLOG3 Gamma Curve: Understanding SLog3 by Alister Chapman A discussion thread about SLOG-2 vs. SLOG-3 Sony Forum Discussion Thread SLOG-2 vs SLOG-3 Sony’s Cine Alta workflow guide: Sony’s 4K Workflow Guide (version 2.0) A […]


Some Basic Tips On Setting Up Sony’s PVM-1741 and PVM-2541 OLED Monitors

These new monitors from Sony are really blowing people away, but there are some basic settings you need to know to make sure the monitors are setup to truly give you a reference standard picture. Here are some simple steps to properly setup your monitor: Part I:  In The Monitor’s […]


Sony OLED Production Monitors Are The Obvious Choice

These guys were the big hit of the show last year, and still nothing else came close to them this year. Yes, their tag line is ‘The New Black,’ but these monitors are superior to everything else out there on three fronts: Pixel to Pixel response – much faster than […]

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