AJA HD/SD-SDI 4-Channel Analog Audio Embedder / Disembedder

AJA HD10AMA Analog Audio Embedder/Disembedder


Key Features

  • Passes or Embeds per User Selection
  • Operates on Channel Pair Basis
  • 4-Channel XLR Breakout Cable Included
  • User-Selectable Audio Levels
  • Automatically Detects between HD or SD
  • SDI Input / 2 SDI Outputs
  • Universal Power Supply Included
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The AJA HD10AMA is a dual rate 4-channel analog audio Embedder/Disembedder. The Disembedder is always functional providing 4 outputs. The Embedder is user selectable, on a channel pair basis, to either “pass” input audio or embed input audio from the breakout cable. Analog audio levels are selectable. The HD10AMA automatically detects and configures to the input video standard.

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