AJA Universal Mounting Plate for Ki Pro Mini


Key Features

  • Mounts Instruments on Ki Pro Mini
  • Tap Holes for V-mount
  • Anton Bauer Battery Plate
  • Screw Holes for Wireless Mic Receivers
  • Recessed Slots for Ki Pro Recorder
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The AJA Universal Mounting Plate for Ki Pro Mini is used for mounting the Ki Pro Mini Flash Disk Recorder on instruments such as hot shoes, camera plates, clamps, wireless receivers, etc. A wide range of tap holes in the KI-MINIPLATE-R0 Mounting Plate allows you to mount the Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery plate or a V-mount battery plate, which can be powered via a P-tap to XLR cable. Wireless mic receivers can be mounted via screw holes on the Mounting Plate, and the Ki Pro can also be mounted as a wireless mic via the plate’s recessed slots.