AJA R20ADF Component,Composite To SDI Converter (Encoder) W/FSG Card (Frame Sync) PCB Card


Key Features

  • Excellent Quality, 10-bit, Universal A/D Conversion
  • Component, Composite, or YC Analog Input
  • 3 Line Adaptive Comb Filter
  • Full 10-bit Data Path, 2x Oversampling
  • YPbPr, Betacam, or RGB Component Formats
  • NTSC or PAL Composite Formats
  • AGC Mode
  • 4 SDI Outputs
  • Optional Frame Synchronizer
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The AJA R20ADF is a Analog to Digital video convertor; it will accept a component, composite or Y/C analog video signal and convert the signal to an SDI digital video signal.

Various Analog Inputs
This device has the ability to accept component, composite or Y/C analog video inputs.
The R20ADF has the ability to accept NTSC or PAL composite video signals.
Comb Filter
A four line adaptive comb filter is offered for high quality processing of composite signals.
Multiple SDI Outputs
Four SDI outputs are offered for distribution amplifier capabilities.
Frame Synchronizer
This model is an upgrade from the R20AD; this unit features a frame sync attachment for broadcast level operations.
Rack Frame Design
This conversion card was designed to fit into R series AJA frames and Leitch 6800 series frames.

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