Fiilex Matrix LED 2-Light Travel Kit


Key Features

  • 2 x Matrix Panels
  • 2 x Power Adapters, 2 x PowerCon Cables
  • 2 x Cable Pouches
  • 2 x Clamp Mounts
  • 1 x Hard Extra Large Travel Case
  • 2800 to 6500K Variable Color Temperature
  • ±0.25 Green/Magenta Adjustment
  • 1500W Tungsten Equivalent, 320W Draw
  • 100 to 0% Flicker Free Dimming
  • Manual and DMX 512 Control

Pairing two lights with a hard travel case, the comprehensive Matrix LED 2-Light Travel Kit from Fiilex includes a duo of Matrix Bi-Color LED panels, along with power adapters, 20′ power cables, cable pouches, clamps mounts, and extra-large hard travel case for protecting both of lights during travel or storage.

The Matrix LED panel features an adjustable color temperature range of 2800-5600K, along with green/magenta hue adjustment for complete control over the light’s color output. Each panel draws just 320W of power while producing output similar to a 1500W tungsten source, and the lights deliver flicker-free output with a CRI of 93 throughout the 0-100% dimming range. Manual settings adjustment is possible on each panel or remote control can also be performed via a DMX512 connection and each light is set in its own yoke with a junior stud / baby receiver combo for stand mounting.

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