Genelec 7050B – 8″ Active Companion Subwoofer for Genelec 8020A/8030A Monitoring Systems


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Genelec 7050B Overview

The Genelec 7050B Subwoofer features a 8″ driver, powered by a robust 70 Watt amplifier, housed in Genelec’s proprietary LSE(Laminar Spiral Enclosure) bass reflex cabinet. This design combines minimized enclosure noise with tight, consistent signal dispersion, a characteristic of laminar.

The rear panel of the 7050B provides a bass management unit featuring 5 separate XLR I/O’s and a dedicated LFE input for mixing or monitoring film-related music and sound effects in Dolby Digital, DTS, and other encoding formats. The amplifier unit, with active crossover filters and driver overload protection, is adjacent to an ample set of Bass Roll-Off, Phase and LFE Bandwidth DIP switch controls.

The 7050B is a viable, space-conserving low end monitoring solution for 2:1 or 5:1 systems installed in project or commercial recording studios, A/V post production facilities, or mobile live mixing applications.

Compact powered subwoofer with 8″ driver and 70 Watts of amplification.
Magnetically shielded for use in proximity to computer or video monitors.
LSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure) bass reflex subwoofer cabinet design for minimized turbulence noise and optimum signal flow.
Metal grille covering for driver
Extended bass reproduction down to 25 Hz
Six-position -6 to +12 sensitivity adjustment trim
3 separate -2, -4, -6dB bass roll-off DIP switches
Selectable 85/120 LFE bandwidth selector DIP switch for film related mixing.
+10 dB LFE boost switch for monitoring of DTS and Dolby Digital encoding formats.
Dual phase matching switches with 0 – 270° toggling
Balanced XLR inputs and outputs