mLogic mRack LTO-7 Rack Mountable Tape Drive (Single or Dual)

From: $4,899.00Get 5 FREE LTO Tapes with the purchase of any mLogic LTO Tape drive - $600 Value!

Key Features

  • 1U rack mountable enclosure with single or dual LTO-7 tape drives
  • Ideal for desktop use or for mounting in standard 19” racks or DIT carts
  • 6 TB native storage capacity per tape cartridge
  • LTO tape has a 30+ year shelf-life – Significantly longer than hard drives
  • Up to 300MB/second data transfer rate
  • Reads and writes to both LTO 6 & 7 tapes, reads LTO 5 tapes
  • Compatible with industry leading backup and archiving software
  • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports enables daisy-chaining of Thunderbolt peripherals
  • Dual drive version enables writing to two LTO-7 drives simultaneously
  • macOS and Windows compatible
  • Ships complete with Fujifilm LT0-7 cartridges, Fujifilm Universal Cleaning Cartridge and Thunderbolt cable
  • JZ's Notes: Get 5 FREE LTO Tapes with the purchase of any mLogic LTO Tape drive - $600 Value!
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1U Rack Mountable LTO-7 with Thunderbolt 2 Connectivity

Includes: Yoyotta ID LTFS Software for macOS

LTO LogoLTO made easy. Just connect to a computer with a Thunderbolt port.

mRack LTO revolutionizes LTO, empowering users to easily connect LTO-7 technology to portable, desktop and all-in-one computers that feature Thunderbolt connectivity.  Dead simple.  Another mLogic first.

LTO tape offers a shelf-life of 30+ years and a reliability level that exceeds what is achievable with spinning disk and solid state drive technology.  mRack is the ultimate archiving solution to safeguard important digital media for the long term.  And LTO tape is not only more reliable than disk, but much more cost effective.

LTFS LogoHello LTFS. Drag and Drop Content to LTO-7 Tape.

mRack DIT LTO-7 supports the Linear Tape File System (LTFS).  LTFS mounts the LTO-7 tape drive in the same way as a disk drive.  This enables drag and drop functionality to the LTO tape cartridge.

Backup. Archive. Manage. Works with your favorite software.

mRack DIT LTO-7 is compatible with industry leading LTO archiving and media management software for macOS and Windows including:

  • Axle Video – Axle
  • Archiware – P5
  • Imagine Products – PreRoll Post
  • Pomfort – Silverstack XT
  • Retrospect
  • Square Box – CatDV
  • StorageDNA – DNAevolution
  • XenData – XenData 6 Workstation
  • YoYotta – YoYottaID LTFS

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