ProMAX MediaHub – 10 GigE

$1,995.00An incredibly affordable entry into a shared storage workflow server for your facility!

Everything you need at a price you want.  ProMAX MediaHub gives video teams an affordable option for shared storage. Get the performance & features you need starting at $1,495

  • JZ's Notes: An incredibly affordable entry into a shared storage workflow server for your facility!

ProMAX’s Mediahub is the ‘brain’ of your new shared storage infrastructure.  Reuse your existing drives and turn them into shared storage.  You can also add LTO drives for robust and long term data protection.  Add just the software features that you need – you can always add more later.


Here are some performance benchmarks using the mSpeed Thunderbolt 3.0 RAIDs  – your performance will depend on your RAID.

With an 8-Drive RAID:

  • 1200 MB/s Maximum Performance
  • 650 MB/s  or 8 Streams of ProRes4K @ 560Mbs Sustained Performance

With a 12-Drive RAID:

  • 1400 MB/s Maximum Performance
  • 900 MB/s  or 12 Streams of ProRes4K @ 560Mbs Sustained Performance

Software Options Included:

  • ProMAX MAM (Media Asset Management) – $1,995 Value
  • ProMAX Proxy (Automated Proxy Generation) – $1,995 Value


  • Network: (1) 1GbE RJ45 and (2) 10 GbE RJ45
  • Rear: (1) Thunderbolt 3 (4) USB3.1 Gen2, (2) USB3.1 Gen1
  • Video Output: (1) HDMI, (1) DisplayPort 1.2
  • Optional Network: (2) 10GbE RJ45, (2) 10GbE SFP+


  • Up to 2 Internal SSD / 16TB Internal Storage
  • Up to 4 x Thunderbolt RAIDs supported per server
  • Manage up to 192TB of active storage + 192TB of offline storage


  • Power: 1 x 160W
  • Rack Specs: 4U (30″)
  • Dimensions: L (9.5″) x W (10″) x H (4″)
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Under the Hood

  • Intel Core i3-8100, 3.6GHz
  • Single SSD OS Drives
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM

Drive Support

  • G-Tech, mLogic & Lacie Thunderbolt RAIDs
  • Most Thunderbolt / USB Storage formatted HFS*, NTFS or Fat32
  • Samsung EVO Series SSD


  • MacOS, Windows, & Linux
  • Optimized for Premiere, Avid, Resolve, After Effects, Pro Tools & C4D
  • Cloud Providers: Backblaze, Amazon & Dropbox
  • Protocol Support: NFS, SMB, AFP, CIFS, iSCSI, FTP, SSH
  • LTO Devices
    • M-Tape Thunderbolt LTO Devices

Peripheral Support

  • 3rd Party Drives/RAIDs via Thunderbolt, USB, or iSCSI
  • LTO Drives