QTAKE Features- Details

Recording SD/HD recording X BASE
  Dual channel SD/HD recording X X2
  Four channel SD/HD recording X4
  4K recording 4K
  Recording discrete 3D feeds to SBS clips MUXER
  Camera triggered auto-record X BASE
  Camera metadata capture X BASE
  3D Rig metadata capture BASE
  SDI positioning data capture BASE
  Frame by frame recording BASE
  Timelapse recording BASE
  Teradek Cube network recording STREAM
Proxy Recording processed H264 proxy BASE
  Folder structure based on clip data BASE
  Render Proxy BASE
  Integrated Copra Server COPRA
Playback Synced Playback of two clips X BASE
  Synced Playback of four clips X4
  Reverse playback X BASE
  Loop playback X BASE
  Frame By Frame playback X BASE
  Variable speed playback X BASE
  Instant Ramp playback BASE
  3D playback X2
  Four channel SD/HD playback X4
  4K playback 4K
Clip Navigation Multiple IN/OUT markers X BASE
  Chapter markers with titles X BASE
  Subclips BASE
  Shuttle control BASE
Database Tree-based visual clip browser X BASE
  Table-based clip list browser X BASE
  Clip Metadata X BASE
  Camera Metadata X BASE
  Shot Metadata X BASE
  Clip Notes X BASE
  Camera Media Filename X BASE
Import Import Quicktime video files X BASE
  Import AVI video files X BASE
  Import WAV audio files X BASE
  Import JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF image files X BASE
  Import CDL files BASE
  Import 1D & 3D LUT files BASE
  Import QTAKE XML files X BASE
Export Export to Final Cut Pro EXPORT
  Export to FCPX EXPORT
  Export to EDL EXPORT
  Export PDF Report X BASE
  Screenshots X BASE
View Effects Color Correction BASE
  Mask BASE
  Grid BASE
  On Screen Display X BASE
  Still Mix X BASE
  Demux & Quad X BASE
Clip Effects DVE BASE
  Corner Pin BASE
  Garbage Matte BASE
  Deinterlace BASE
  Anamorphic Desqueeze BASE
  Gaussian Blur BASE
  Demux & Quad BASE
Stereoscopy 3D capture and playback BASE
  3D HIT control BASE
  3D timeline playback BASE
  Side By Side video support MUXER
  Demux & Remux MUXER
Editing Single track editing EDIT
  Dual view trimming EDIT
  Timeline clip effects EDIT
  Instant Timeline from selected clips EDIT
  Match frame EDIT
  EDL Export EDIT
  Live editing of 4 HD channels STUDIO
Compositing Realtime two layer composite COMPOSITE
  Various blend modes COMPOSITE
  Wipe with angle and smoothing COMPOSITE
  High quality chroma key with despill COMPOSITE
  Luma key COMPOSITE
  Alpha channel composite COMPOSITE
  Render Composite COMPOSITE
CGI Import Collada 3D scenes CGI
  Playback animated 3D scenes CGI
  Control multiple virtual cameras CGI
  Follow Motion Control Rig CGI
  Stereoscopic output CGI
Output SDI video card playback X BASE
  SDI video card live processed output X BASE
  Low-latency processed GPU output OUTPUT
  Dual View output OUTPUT
  Quad View output OUTPUT
  3D Muxed output OUTPUT
  Full-range or legal color output OUTPUT
Scopes Waveform monitor SCOPES
  Vectorscope monitor SCOPES
  Histogram monitor SCOPES
  False color monitor SCOPES
Network Master/Slave Remote Control X NET LINK
  Control up to 8 slave systems NET LINK
GPI GPI Input Triggers BASE
  GPI Output Triggers BASE
Videohub BMD Videohub Direct Control X BASE
  BMD Videohub Presets X BASE

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