Sony FX9 Premier Event

About The FX9

The Sony PWX-FX7 has established itself as one of the most cost effective work horse cameras on the market. Everyone who’s purchased one has made a lot of money with its feature set, lens flexibility, and continuing firmware upgrades.

We’ve all been waiting to see what’s next from Sony in this market segment.  Well, wait no more. The FX9 will start shipping at the end of December (pre-order yours now) and is looking to be a solid next step in Sony’s digital cinema lineage.

New features worthy of the hype:

  • Full frame 6k sensor
  • Enhanced hybrid auto focus system
  • Worlds first built in electronic variable ND filter
  • S-Cinetone color profile

Event Info:

This will be the first showing of this camera in Minnesota, maybe in the Midwest. Come on out, learn about it, and get your hands on one of the few existing preproduction prototypes.

Location: 3724 Oregon Ave S, St Louis Park, MN 55426

Date: 12-03-19