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LTO-8 And The Latest LTO Roadmap

last updated on 8/14/18 by John Zdechlik The big news here is that LTO-8 drives can not read  LTO-6 tapes.  They can read and write LTO-7 tapes.  In the past, LTO drives could always write one generation back and read 2 generations back.  We believe this is because LTO-8 drives utilize tunnelling […]


LTFS (Linear Tape File System) for LTO Tape Drives Now Works With Windows!

We were all really excited when LTFS came out for the Mac OS X platform a year and a half ago.

Finally, there was a relatively easy way to write files to an LTO tape drive without having to slog through expensive and complicated backup or archival software.

In our industry, this is ideal for making camera master backups in the field or in the edit suite. Since you can get 1.5 TB on to an $80 tape, most of the time all the files from a shoot would fit on one tape.

This coupled with the really fast writing speed (>100 MB/sec) will really help LTFS take off as an inexpensive, portable archive and simple backup format.

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