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NAB Show Exhibition Area

NAB 2018 – News and Codes For Free Exhibit Pass

We are going to be covering the trade shows a little differently this year.  It seems that CineGear is becoming more prevalent with our production community, and as we are getting more into live production and av systems, that InfoComm is also becoming of more importance. So we are going […]


3D is Now D-E-A-D

Who knew (or cared) it was still alive? By Steve “Wolfie” Browender That great video technology – 3D – will become extinct this year when Sony and LG stop making 3D-compatible televisions and monitors. Yes, I’m talking about the same 3D video that was poised to take over sports, movies, […]


Sony OLED Production Monitors Are The Obvious Choice

These guys were the big hit of the show last year, and still nothing else came close to them this year. Yes, their tag line is ‘The New Black,’ but these monitors are superior to everything else out there on three fronts: Pixel to Pixel response – much faster than […]


A Little More Tiger Technology and metaSAN …

Tiger Technology’s metaSAN and metaLAN is really an enabling technology – allowing people to build and upgrade their own SAN systems that perform really well. Choosing metaSAN means not being locked into one vendor for the servers, drives, switches, etc. It also means being able to port (i.e. reuse) your software licenses as your needs grow and your hardware requirements change. This is nothing short of huge, being that shared storage is quickly becoming one of the larger investments that you will make in your facility.

We’ve put together a great entry point utilizing this technology with our Z-Share server. 4 Clients, 16 TB storage. Installed with a one year service contract for about $15,000! Here’s a link: Z-Share by Z Systems.

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