Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence!

Z-Systems will be hosting a local Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence!
Ian Davis, VR Developer and 3D Artist will be showcasing a demo of his upcoming Virtual Reality game “The Cosmotic Mission” and other VR applications. You are invited to come and experience this new and exciting frontier that is happening right here in the Twin Cities. Check out Ian’s website and bio here: Check his 3D game here

As a video professional, we are sure that you are getting questions about this all the time. Is it real? Is it practical? What are the benefits to a commercial project? Is it the next 3D television or is this really going to catch on? Here is a great chance to have a one-on-one conversation with a local 3D VR expert and to see just how engaging it is. Though some of us have been talking and dreaming about VR for years, it’s been a long time coming. Recent breakthroughs in graphic cards and sensor technology have finally made this a reality. Take this opportunity to experience it hands-on and see for yourself what VR is all about.

Z Systems, Inc.
3724 Oregon Ave. South
Minneapolis, Minnesota

11am-7pm Nov. 30th 2017

We’ll have one full rig set up, so it makes the most sense to schedule a ½ hour slot with Ian so that you can experience this yourself and have some time for questions. There won’t be a formal presentation, and we aren’t selling anything. This is just an informational open house. Please call Z Systems at 952-974-3140 or email: to reserve your time slot. There is no charge for this, but we ask that if you can’t make it, please let us know so someone else can use your time slot.

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