Some Basic Tips On Setting Up Sony’s PVM-1741 and PVM-2541 OLED Monitors

These new monitors from Sony are really blowing people away, but there are some basic settings you need to know to make sure the monitors are setup to truly give you a reference standard picture.

Here are some simple steps to properly setup your monitor:

Part I:  In The Monitor’s Menu:
Color Temperature
should be set to ‘D65’.  ‘D93’ is a bluer version that is only used in Japan and Asia

Color Space should be set to ‘ITU-709’.  ‘EBU’ is used to match european CRT’s and ‘SMPTE’ is to match US CRT’s.  ‘OFF’ is meant for use if an external device upstream of the monitor is providing a LUT (Look Up Table), such as a Cinetal’s DAVIO.

OLED technology is very stable.  There really isn’t much to calibrate like there was in the CRT and even LCD days.  The only real ‘calibration’ is for white balance, which can be done with the Sony / X-Rite Eye-One OLED Monitor Calibration Probe Kit (part number EOPRHWK).  When ordered from Sony, it comes with software specific to the OLED monitors.  Sony recommends recalibrating this just once a year.

You can rent the probe with a laptop from Z Systems and calibrate your own monitors for $100 / day.

Otherwise, you can hire one of our techs to come out and do it for you at our normal rates of $125/hr.  There is no charge for the probe rental in this case.

If you need the software or want to read the user manual, these can be downloaded for free at