New Avid Pricing and Support Model Explained

At NAB this year, Avid announced some pretty big changes to the way you will be able to purchase their software and support.  Here is our take:

Just Tell Me What I Should Do 🙂

If you want to keep your Avid software up-to-date in the years to come, you should either purchase Avid’s Standard Support Plan (now just $299 per year) or move to their Annual Subscription Plan (for $499.99 per year) by the end of 2014.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to upgrade your existing Avid license(s).

A Summary Of The Changes

  • Avid would like you to move to their Media Composer annual subscription plan of $39.99 / month or $499.99 a year.  You get support and ALL of their software options.
  • They aren’t selling software upgrades by themselves anymore (i.e. you won’t be able to purchase an upgrade from version 7 to version 8), BUT they are now included in their Standard Assurance plan, and it’s cheap – only $299 / year.  There is no penalty to purchase this if you aren’t currently on support, but you need to do it by the end of this year.
  • They finally have volume licensing plans – for either 20 or 50 seats!
  • Their educational and academic pricing has totally changed (and is a lot more affordable)
  • They have re-instituted a ‘pay as you go’ support option if you don’t have assurance – only $40 per incident.  Very nice!
  • They are having an issue with Nexidia re the ScriptSync and PhraseFind options.  Currently, if you upgrade to Media Composer 8.0, you will lose your licenses to these options, so be careful.  They are trying to get this resolved, but as of right now, it isn’t.

The Details…

There Still Is A Purchase Option:

You can still purchase new copy of Media Composer software outright, the price is now $1,299.  This also includes a year of their ‘Standard’ support (see below for details).
Options you can purchase for the base Media Composer are:
  • $749 – Symphony Option with Boris Continuum Complete Lite
  • $499 – NewsCutter Option
  • $499 – PhraseFind Option
  • $999 – ScriptSync Option
  • $599 – Avid Production Pack, which includes:
    • NewBlue Titler Pro 2
    • Sorenson Squeeze
    • Avid FX (aka Boris Red)
    • iZotope Insight
  • $500 – Dongle Option

They also have a new floating license option for groups of either 20 or 50 people – call for pricing details.

Or, You Can Go To A Subscription Model:
An annual Media Composer license subscription is $599 per year, or $499 per year for existing Media Composer owners that choose to switch by the end of the year.  This includes their ‘Standard’ support.  The subscription also includes the following software options at no additional charge: Symphony, NewBlue Titler Pro 2, Sorenson Squeeze Lite, Boris Continuum Complete Lite.

Avid’s New Support Options:

Standard Support – $299 / year for perpetual licenses, included in annual subscriptions

  • Includes Software Updates
  • Unlimited web and email troubleshooting – 24 hour response time
  • One technical troubleshooting phone call a month – 4 hour response time
  • Additional tech support calls are $40 per incident
  • Can add Hardware Coverage for an additional $200 / year.  Two business day shipping.

Elite Support – $699 / year for perpetual licenses, $30 / month additional for annual subscriptions

Everything in Standard Support, plus

  • Unlimited phone, web and email troubleshooting – 1 hour response time
  • Hardware coverage is included – next-day air shipping.

Extended Hardware Coverage – $499 / year – doesn’t require any other support agreement

Includes advance replacement for failed hardware via next business day shipping

Per Incident Support Call – $40/case

Provides per-incident phone support for one troubleshooting case  – 4 business hour response time.

If you like to keep your software current, these contracts pay for themselves.

Manufacturers, resolutions, codecs, and frame rates are changing so quickly that workflow has become even more essential – and more complicated. You need to have the latest and greatest editing software – along with someone who can help you navigate through all the options. Avid is the deepest, most flexible, and also the best-supported editing software on the market. We are really excited that they’ve worked so hard to give their customers options that allow a balance of cost vs. support.

NOTE:  We’ve done our best to describe the new options based on the information we’ve received.  All of this is subject to change – please call your account rep to discuss your particular situation.