Odyssey 7Q -Now More Affordable! and a 4K ProRes Rumor

For a very limited time the Odyssey 7Q can be purchased for $1795.00 (while supplies last.)

Also there is a rumor that soon and for free Convergent Design will be offering 4K Pro Res recording up to 30 fps. The word on the inter-street is that it is due out as a firmware upgrade by end of October. This feature will only work with cameras that already have internal 4K options that can be delivered over HD/SDI. There will be a later option that will convert the RAW footage from the NEXFS700 and C500 respectively to 4K Pro Res. This will be an add on to the already existing Canon and Sony 4K RAW options for sale for the Odyssey 7Q.

Give us a call for more info.