New “Build Your Own Package” Discounts on Rentals

The Program:
I am happy to announce a new “Build Your Own Package” discount on rental gear from Z Systems.  The way it works is simple.  Rent enough equipment from two or more categories and receive a discount on your rental.  The more categories you rent from, the larger your discount.


The Details:
There are five rental categories that are part of the “Build Your Own Package” program, and they cover just about all of our equipment.  The categories and minimum rental amount* to qualify for the discount are:

  • Cameras – $300
  • Lenses – $150
  • Grip/Support – $150
  • Audio – $100
  • Lighting – $200
*Multi-Day rentals count towards the minimum


The amount of your discount depends on how many categories you rent from:

  • 2 Categories – 5% off
  • 3 Categories – 10% off
  • 4 Categories – 15% off
  • 5 Categories – 20% off

Check out all of our rental gear on our website

-Keith M