How to Correct Problems with Canon MXF Files in Adobe Premiere Pro

It seems many people have problems with MXF files from Canon. I’ve seen playback and crashing issues several times with other customers, as well as experiencing them myself. These files just need to be handled a bit differently than most video files.

Troubleshooting Canon Problems with Adobe Premiere Proq

Here are ways to correct the issue:

First, be sure to grab the entire folder and its contents when moving the files to your storage drive from your media card. Rename the folder if you need to, but keep the folder structure intact.

  1. Transcode the footage to a different codec using a program or app, like HandBrake or Media Encoder. The container can still be MXF, or it can be MOV, AVI, MPG. I usually render a lossless AVI or MOV file, keep the original, and delete the lossless file when I’m done. But that can consume a lot of space very fast. If you’re short on drive space, try using ProRes422 on a Mac, or use DNxHD on Windows.
  1. An alternate option would be to use Canon’s handy XF Utility. The XF Utility will look at your media card, then package and transfer your video files. More information is available here:

Finally, (and this should always be normal practice with Premiere Pro) do not drag and drop the files into Premiere; use the Media Browser to import your files. Most of the time, dragging and dropping files works just fine, but there are times when it doesn’t transfer necessary information with the video file. Media Browser always ensures everything the file needs is included.

Although this is a time-consuming process, transcoding saves me a lot of time and trouble while I’m editing, so I think it evens out. I use watch folders through Adobe Media Encoder, so all I have to do is set up my folders, choose my codec and container, then drag and drop my media files, Media Encoder does the rest.

Here’s a great forum topic on the issue:

-Conrad Flemming

Micro-Electronic Sorcery Technician ~ Adobe Paladin