FS5 Auto ND Demonstration

FS5 Auto ND DemonstrationSony FS5 Bottom View

Sony recently released firmware v2.00 for the PXW-FS5.  Some of the new features added include GPS positioning information, enhanced Zebra functionality, headphone output control, and the option for a paid upgrade to output 4k RAW via the SDI output.  The coolest new feature, in our opinion, is the Auto ND filter.  With this featured turned on you can have the FS5 automatically adjust the exposure of the camera using only the variable ND filter.  That means that you can maintain your F stop, ISO and shutter speed settings and still be able to move from shadows to harsh light while getting a good exposure.  You can also use the AE shift function to intentionally over expose your Slog footage if you need to.  Check out a short demonstration we shot this morning at the office.  The camera was set to 1080p 24fps, Picture Profile 6 (Cine4/HG4), 1/48sec, F4 on the kit lens, ISO 1000.

You can find a link to download the latest firmware for the FS5 here.