Z Systems Project Update: “Air Lock” Week 2

Z Systems Project Update: “Air Lock” Week 2

Airlock Promo
“Air Lock” stars Kendra Alaura and Rod Kasai

Unfortunately our plans to shoot last weekend were derailed by an unexpected illness so we were unable to capture any new footage or play with any new toys.  That doesn’t mean we were idle this past week.  We did a bunch of pre-production work to prepare for this weekend to try to make up for lost time.  This week’s update is going to cover some of the tools we have been using to help us get organized, and include a few fun little clips from the first weekend of the shoot.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.59.51 AMCeltx is primarily a screenwriting software that has some handy tools for pre-production.  Chief among the pre-production tools is the ability to load images into a story board with links directly into the body of the script.  This is a really handy tool for viewing the script and story board side by side to organize your thoughts.  Celtx used to be a free program but has now evolved into a paid, cloud based application.  You can still find the free desktop version online in some places but it is no longer available from Celtx directly so download at your own risk.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.56.57 AMShot Designer Pro is a great app for blocking scenes, diagraming lighting, and mapping camera setups.  The best part is that you can work off of a shared drop box folder so you can easily collaborate with others remotely.  For this project Conrad would add the character blocking, then hand it off to me to add the cameras and shot list, and I would hand it back to him so he could add the story board images.  All of this is done in the app and you can export out shot lists, diagrams, and everything else for printing.


Here is a cool example of the kinds of stuff you can do with the Kessler Crane.  Not part of the film, but it looked so cool on the monitor we had to shoot it.


We’ve been using fog in pretty much every shot.  It adds atmosphere to the interior of the ship and also acts as light diffusion, filling in some of the darker shadows with just a bit of detail.


We are going to be back at it this weekend, hoping to make up for lost time from last weekend.  We still plan on using the A7R II for some interesting body cam work, but we will have the FS7 again instead of the FS5.  We will also still have the Rokinon prime set to test out which I am looking forward to.

As always, check back on our website next week for another update, and stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter.