Apple Special Event – Live Blog

On October 27th, 2016, Apple held an event announcing its new MacBook Pro line. Also announced was an app called “TV” for Apple TV and iOS.

CUPERTINO, CA - OCTOBER 27: Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller introduces the all-new MacBook Pro (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)
CUPERTINO, CA – OCTOBER 27: Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller introduces the all-new MacBook Pro (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

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12:07 PM CST: Tim Cook is lauding the fact that 60% of iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 10, and that the iPhone 7 has an excellent camera. Some brilliant images on the screen showcasing the bokeh abilities of the dual lens camera.

12:11 PM CST: Tim Cook talks about Apple watch. Now announces that Apple TV will get Minecraft.

12:16 PM CST: Apple TV will feature a live sports, including the ability to show a live Twitter feed alongside the live broadcast.

12:17 PM CST: Tim Cook announces a new app for Apple TV and iOS, simply called “TV.”

12:18 PM CST: The TV app is basically a user interface along the lines of Xfinity X1, direcTV, CenturyLink Prism or Playstation Vue. Allows you to watch live TV, gives recommendations for new shows, catch up on older episodes, rent movies, etc.

12:21 PM CST: Siri is integrated with the TV app and allows you to say things like “Play (TV Show).” — Apple says “it’s going to completely change the way we watch television.” (I think there is a company that did that already called NetFlix, and interestingly, Apple TV doesn’t have a NetFlix app).

12:24 PM CST: You can ask Siri to watch a football game, and Siri will figure out which app to watch the game with and show it.

12:25 PM CST: If you get bored of the current game you are watching, ask Siri what else is on, you will get a list of current games and which ones you can watch live on Apple TV.

12:27 PM CST: Mac announcement coming up…

12:28 PM CST: Tim Cook touting the new features of Mac OS Sierra.

12:29 PM CST: This week marks the 25th anniversary of Apple’s first notebook – the PowerBook. “The PowerBook actually defined the modern notebook.”

12:30 PM CST: The PowerBook revolutionized the notebook by having a palm rest and integrated pointing device.

12:31 PM CST: Video of new MacBook Pro shows an ‘active’ keyboard with a small LCD display above the keyboard.

12:33 PM CST: New 13″ MacBook Pro is 17% thinner than previous gen. Also 23% less volume, and weighs 1/2 lb. less.

12:34 PM CST: New 15″ inch MacBook Pro is also thinner, smaller and lighter. (Didn’t see that one coming!)

12:35 PM CST: New MacBook has a ‘force-touch’ trackpad. The keys have a new technology as well, giving them a better feel.

12:36 PM CST: A requiem for the function keys at the top of your keyboard. They originated 45 years ago. They no longer have a ‘function.’ (See what I did there?)

12:37 PM CST: New LCD touchscreen strip above the keyboard: The ‘TouchBar’ — it changes depending on which application you are on.

12:38 PM CST: The TouchBar can show you QuickType (autocorrect) suggestions while you are typing.

12:39 PM CST: MacBook Pro features a TouchID area (fingerprint detection) next to the keyboard.

12:40 PM CST: TouchBar can be used to pick emojis. (Mic. Drop. This is bigger than the iPhone announcement).

12:45 PM CST: TouchBar can be used to perform a variety of functions when editing photos.

12:47 PM CST: Showing off the TouchBar customization options in the Finder.

12:48 PM CST: TouchID can be used to fast-switch between users with only a thumbpress.

12:49 PM CST: “Best display we’ve ever made.” — If it wasn’t, that would pretty weird, wouldn’t it? “This display is not as good as our last one…” LOL.

12:52 PM CST: MacBook Pro is considerably faster and more powerful that the previous generation. up to 60% in some areas…

12:53 PM CST: MacBook Pro has 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. The ports can be used for anything, such as displays, charging, other peripherals.

12:54 PM CST: New LG 5K monitor plugs in to MacBook Pro via ThunderBolt 3 port and has speakers, mic, camera. Also charges the MacBook while plugged in.

12:56 PM CST: TouchBar has some AWESOME new features for editing with Final Cut. You can see your whole timeline on the TouchBar. Very cool!

12:57 PM CST: TouchBar will show you a clip you are working with, and you can trim it quickly with a touch.

12:59 PM CST: After this short example, it looks like the TouchBar and the power of the MacBook Pro might make this the best video editing laptop ever.

1:00 PM CST: Demo of TouchBar with Photoshop: First thought is the Microsoft Surface Studio is 10x better for graphic arts than the MacBook Pro.

1:03 PM CST: Just stop now with the TouchBar Photoshop demo. No touchscreen, no pen… This is an awkward way to edit photos, in this day and age.

1:04 PM CST: Just got done with an incredibly awkward demo of Photoshop with the TouchBar… You can pick your colors from the keyboard.

1:06 PM CST: Here comes the TouchBar demo for DJ software. Touting it as a way to control the app with out an outboard control surface…

1:07 PM CST: Once again, the Elephant in the room. Is having a tiny touchscreen above the keyboard possibly any better than having an actual touchscreen? NO!

1:09 PM CST: Microsoft office will feature TouchBar integration… Now this is a good use of the feature.

1:14 PM CST: Mac is comparing it’s new MacBook Pro with the original PowerBook… It is 6.8 million times faster. Good to know.

1:17 PM CST: The MacBook Pro is is considerably thinner and smaller than a MacBook Air, and it weighs the same.

1:20 PM CST: “We think this is the most forward looking, advanced notebook line we’ve ever had” — Once again, no sh*t Sherlock!

1:21 PM CST: Is it time for a Steve Jobs “But wait, one more thing…” ? Wait for it…

1:23 PM CST: Nope. I guess that’s it.

Well folks, there you have it. The new MacBook Pro boasts some very powerful specs. The TouchBar is a very functional feature for video editing, I can’t wait to see it in action with Final Cut Pro. Thank you for tuning in.

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