Archiware 5.4 Released — Adds Cloud Storage and Other Features

As the availability of internet bandwidth increases and as the costs of cloud storage decrease, backing up to the cloud, even for large video files, becomes a bit more viable. With the release of P5 version 5.4, Archiware is ready to help people add cloud storage as an option in their backup and archive workflow.Amazon S3 and Archiware P5

From Archiware’s Website:

Cloud storage is a cost-effective and flexible alternative for businesses, saving hardware and administration cost. Plus, it grows with your requirements – additional TBs of storage space are easily added.

Archiware P5 version 5.4 now offers “Cloud Storage” as an option for the archive target, the third option next to the existing disk and tape targets (see screenshot below). Simply chose the new target when setting up your Archive plan.

In the P5 Archive Overview, the use of available cloud storage (according to the license) is shown for better insight (see screenshot below).

To use cloud storage as an archive target, a P5 Archive Cloud Enabler license is required. Once this license is registered, the option to configure cloud services is activated in the user interface. Archiware P5 version 5.4 supports Amazon S3 cloud services only. In future versions, more cloud services and providers will be added continously.

In addition to the option to  store files in the cloud, Archiware 5.4 adds some other new features:

Preview creation using ffmpeg and imagemagick

To give users more options when creating proxy videos or image previews, Archiware P5 version 5.4 now offers a direct integration with FFmpeg and ImageMagick. It is now easy to create low-resolution, full-length previews for video: simply select resolution and data rate for video and audio (or resolution for images).

Synology NAS integration

From Version 5.3.3, Archiware P5 supports Synology NAS devices without restrictions. Data from Synology devices is stored in a platform neutral format including user authorisations – identical to all other supported platforms.

Restore links / source selection in P5 Archive module

To support co-operative workflows, P5 Archive now offers the possibility to send a link to an asset via e-mail. The recipient just clicks the link to watch the preview, view and edit metadata, restore or simply approve the choice of video for an edit.

Data integrity checks, list display, and OS support

The data integrity check options have been expanded for Archive to disk and tape. The following checksum types are available: MD5, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512. Additionally, compare content can be selected as verification method.

For a comprehensive overview of Backup and Synchronize jobs, the Backup/Synchronize plan lists now display the next scheduled run.

Lastly, as of version 5.4, Archiware P5 officially supports macOS 10.12 Sierra and Windows Server 2016.

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