FS7 Replacement Rumors

Is something coming from Sony that will replace the venerable FS7?

We think its pretty likely that the rumors are true and we will see something new announced soon based on a large number of factors. First and foremost that the FS7 is about to turn 5 years old, and while there was a second generation FS7 that came out 3 years ago, it didn’t change the technology at the core of the camera. And if we really dig into it, the FS7 shares essentially identical technology with the even older F5 camera.

Additionally cameras from the other manufacturers are starting to edge out the FS7 in terms of features offered. The EVA1 has a 5.7k sensor and now has 10-bit 4k recording via h.265 encoding. The URSA Mini Pro G2 offers higher frame rate recordings. The Canon C200 and C300 mkII offer much faster auto focus.

Given the technology present in other, newer, cameras offered by Sony, we feel that it is entirely within the realm of possibility that Sony could offer us a new camera with features that meet or exceed the features offered by the other manufacturers.

Rumors have already started floating around the internet about an FX9 and FX6 camera. Specifications from those rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, since they are after all, just rumors.

Our own speculation would put the biggest key feature updates on a higher resolution sensor for oversampling to 4k, since XAVC doesn’t support higher resolution than 4k, at least we haven’t seen it with the VENICE. RAW output at higher resolution. Possibly higher frame rate recording, depending on the limitations of the XQD cards. Phase detection auto focus feels like a must. s709 base color profile. Better menu’s.

Some possible new features could also include, but these are wild speculations, Full Frame sensor. In body image stabilization. Dual native ISO. Custom white balance in CineEI modes. Clear image zoom.

Whatever it’s going to be, if it’s going to be, expect to see an announcement at IBC next week in Amsterdam. When we know more, we will certainly let you know.