Work Remotely with ProMAX and Dropbox

Working remotely in ProMAX is possible with Dropbox Business and can be set up rather quickly. All that is required is your ProMAX Hardware and a Dropbbox Business account, which has a varying price range dependent on how many users you require.

This is a useful tool for anyone who may need to work remotely. The main step will be to create a Platform Space on your ProMAX for Dropbox Team, and after that the main user can invite others to that Dropbox folder. Anything edited in that folder will sync to the Platform Space in ProMAX, and vice versa.

The space range in Dropbox Team ranges from 3 TB to Unlimited, so depending on what is needed there should be an option for everyone. Overall this is a simple process and one that can be very useful should you spend time working remotely.

It is not recommended to edit directly from the Dropbox files, but with Dropbox Team as a Platform Space for your ProMAX, you will be able to access files remotely. Not only will this be useful for someone wishing to edit a project remotely, but this would also be useful for anyone shooting in the field, as they could upload files remotely while on location for editors to begin working on.

For more information, check out this link: