Should You Update Your Behringer x32 to Firmware v4?

NOTE: Z Systems is no longer a dealer for Behringer. This article is for informational purposes only. We sell a variety of other audio brands, please contact us for more information!

Earlier in November, Behringer released a firmware update for the x32 family – user response was lukewarm. A few welcome features included a sleek new interface, better routing options, support for some new Midas hardware, and noticeable fader motor speed alterations. However, the downsides are prevalent and tumultuous enough to make us want to wait for bugs to be fixed.

Behringer x32 FW3.x vs FW4.0


  • Higher contrast, and more legible user interface design.
  • No more routing in blocks of eight – you can now route single inputs or outputs individually.
  • Remote configuration for personal monitoring systems (support for the new Midas DP48 personal mixers).
  • You can always rollback to earlier firmware.


  • Numerous bugs have been reported, most are buried edge cases which shouldn’t impact usability.
  • Updating SHOULD keep all your existing scenes stored safely, but one user reported losing local storage and had to reboot scenes off a backup. Don’t do this update an hour before you have to go live!
  • Multiple reports of the console freezing. (In particular, after stopping a recording). If you regularly record your live mixes, you may want to steer clear of this update.

If you’re doing low key basic mixing and routing, don’t record anything, and don’t mind a few graphical glitches. Go for the update! Especially if you want to play with the remote configuration of your DP48’s. If you want to do anything outside of basic mixing, our suggestion is to wait until v4.01 or later. (Which should be out soon according to a software development engineer at Behringer.)

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