Atomos 10th Anniversary Promotion

[This page and promotion are no longer active]

The Atomos journey started a when our CEO Jeromy Young released the original Ninja HD HDMI monitor recorder a decade ago, bringing Apple ProRes recording to an affordable camera top device that was also a monitor – unlocking much higher quality recording from many cameras, especially DSLRs. It also made Atomos a bridge between the camera world and computing world. The superior ProRes files produced made for much easier editing and post processing in programs like Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and AVID Media Composer.  

Fast forward a decade and Atomos have also led the way with a series of products and technologies that have changed the industry forever. We brought 4K recording to mirrorless cameras for the first time with the Ninja Assassin or Shogun combined with Sony’s A7S. We led the way with on-camera HDR monitoring and we changed the industry again when we launched ProRes RAW recording from a wide range of popular cinema cameras.  

Without the help and support of our customers we would not be where we are today. 2020 is full of new exciting opportunitiesand we invite you all to be part of our anniversary celebrations. Stay tuned in to Atomos 2020.

Ninja V Promotion starts 17th February 2020
Ninja V Promotion finishes 29th February 2020
Price: 649 eur / 649 dollar