A New Approach to Remote Collaboration For Video Editing at Home

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Now that everyone is working from home, the need to collaborate remotely is greater than ever. It’s simple to do if it is a Google Doc, but what if it is a video project? How do you navigate the tangled web or remote workflows, proxies, storage, syncing, and so forth?

ProMAX has come up with a simple yet powerful solution that leverages your fast internet connection at home to let you edit your high res footage with a minimum fuss. Their solution works with any type of shared storage and is affordable because it is a one-time purchase.

What Will Be Covered

  • Market Research on permanent shift for video work groups
  • Brief Review of available solutions
  • Deep dive on ProMAX’s Solution
  • Why this approach improves performance & user experience Understanding Limits of the workflow

See what customers currently using the remote workflow are saying.

More Background

You’re used to editing video projects on a high-performance network. Don’t compromise that performance to work remotely. VPN, PCOIP and proxy workflows allow you to access your local storage. But they can’t overcome the bandwidth and file size restraints that interrupt the flow of your production team.

You need a way to access your storage from home that provides the same experience as being in your edit bay. With a real-time sync between your server at the office and a ProMAX MediaHub, your home office transforms into your edit bay. Allowing collaboration even when your team is miles apart.

Join ProMAX and Z Systems as we discuss the best remote workflow for video production teams that makes editing at home feel just like being in your studio.

Questions? Call John Z at 952-974-3140 or check out https://zsyst.com/promax-mediahub-remote-editing/