Introducing the New Panasonic UE-100 4K PTZ Camera

We recently got the chance to put the Panasonic UE-100 camera through its paces and were pretty impressed. This UHD (4K) camera is about $1,800 less than the AW-UE150, and is packed with a lot of new features. Here is a rundown:

High Quality 4k 60p Shooting

3840 x 2160 4K output and 59.94p shooting achieve extremely smooth, extremely high resolution video – even in live sports and other events involving rapid movement. It also can shoot and output in a wide range of other formats – 1080p59.94, 29.97, 23.98, and true 24 fps).

24x Optical Zoom and a 74.1 Degree Angle of View

In addition to 24x optical zoom, the inclusion of i.Zoom enables super resolution zooming of up to 36x in HD Mode and 28x in 4K mode while maintaining high resolution. The 1.4x and 2x digital extender zoom also allows distant subjects to bec aptured clearly, while the 74.1° horizontal angle of view enables a wide area to be shot from a limited installation space.

Newly-developed high-precision Direct Drive motor

Its direct-drive motor improves operability, precision, responsiveness and does it quietly at a noise level of NC30 or less.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) For Roll Direction

EIS has been added to the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This allows for nice smooth camera moves even when on a jib arm, dolly, or motorized track.

NDI and NDI HX For Full Support of NDI Workflows

This allows the UE-100 to fully integrate with your NDI-capable production system.

Secure Rapid Transport (SRT) Built-In

In addition to RTMP streaming, SRT allows you to greatly fine tune, enhance, and make your IP streaming a lot more reliable. For more information on SRT, click here.

A Plethora of Control Options – Ethernet and Otherwise

One aspect of Panasonic’s that we really like is the many ways of controlling their cameras: Ethernet is the way to go and you can control the AW-UE100 with a simple web browser, Panasonic’s Pro PTZ Camera Control Center Software, and the following control panels:

For More Information

For more information, give us a call at 952-974-3140 or checkout Panasonic’s Pro Video Solutions Website.