Mount Olivet Lutheran Church

Every church has missed an opportunity if they haven’t re-evaluated how they do worship on a Sunday morning. We absolutely needed to recognize that behaviors and patterns of people have changed and we needed to meet people where they are at and make it accessible for all.

Nancy Nash, Senior Director, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church


Like many church organizations, Mount Olivet was in need of a high quality video and sound system that showcased their worship service and made it possible to grow and maintain their membership through an online platform. While they had an old camera system in place, the low light quality and other system limitations made the video stream look grainy with locked in camera positions, which resulted in a poor viewing experience for virtual members. They understood, the experience your viewers have at an event, in-person or virtual, is a reflection of your brand.

“These life events, whether it’s a wedding, a funeral or attending worship, are more meaningful because we have a broader audience.”

Nancy Nash, Senior Director, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church

Our Solution

Mount Olivet saw a huge opportunity to upgrade their systems and equipment to create a professional video streaming experience for their current and new potential members. In partnering with Z-Systems, staff at Mount Olivet had the flexibility to test three different brands of cameras onsite before deciding what equipment fit their needs best. This custom approach to systems integration allowed for staff to see for themselves the unique benefits of each equipment solution before making the investment. Their new camera system offers five distinct angles and image stabilization mounts as well as a Newtech Tricaster video switcher that features livestream, integrated graphic title capabilities and so much more. Z-Systems took care of everything from the equipment demos and purchases to the installation and staff training. In the end, upgrading to a professional quality video system has created efficiencies and allows for church staff to redirect their focus on producing a dynamic service for their membership.