NDI® – Here’s What You Need to Know

NDI is a great tool to send easily send video across your network, but have you ever found yourself overwhelmed thinking about all the different NDI variations, compatibilities, and what they mean for your system? Z Systems is here to help! What is NDI®? NDI stands for Network Device Interface. […]

Nureva Audio Conferencing Microphone Mist Image

Nureva – Audio Conferencing Has Never Sounded So Good

Give Remote Meetings an In-Person Feel with Nureva It’s no secret, hybrid workflows are just a normal part of everyday life these days. However, it seems like the technology to support these types of workflows is just not where it could be. It may not feel as natural as in […]

Cablecast Z Systems

Tightrope’s Cablecast System Gives Your Community the Ability to Create Its Own TV Station

No Cable Channel? No Problem! Tightrope’s Cablecast VIO lets you make your own streaming app