Blackmagic Micro Converters are incredibly tiny broadcast quality video converters that let you convert from SDI to HDMI, and from HDMI to SDI. The rugged, miniaturized design of Blackmagic Micro Converters makes them small enough to be used anywhere and conveniently hidden out of sight! You get HDMI and professional 3G-SDI connections for working with all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60, along with power over USB, so they can be powered by big screen televisions or laptop computers without having to plug them into the wall! Blackmagic Micro Converters can be purchased with or without an external AC power supply so you can choose the model that fits your needs!

SDI to HDMI $59

HDMI to SDI $55

BiDirectional SDI/HDMI $75

Blackmagic Mini Converters are the world’s most advanced converters because they include the latest 6G-SDItechnology, automatically detect the input video format and instantly change between virtually all SD, HD and Ultra HD video standards up to 2160p30! You get advanced features such as redundant SDI inputs, re‑clocked loop outputs, HDMI instant lock, 33 point LUT support, and full analog and AES/EBU audio connections so you can convert video, as well as embed or de-embed audio! Choose from a wide range of 3G and 6G-SDImodels, depending on the conversion you need!

SDI to HDMI 6G $185

HDMI to SDI 6G $145

SDI to Audio 4K $295

Audio to SDI 4K $295

SDI to Analog 4K $295

SDI Distribution 4K $295

Quad SDI to HDMI 4K $495

SDI Multiplex 4K $495

SDI to Audio $195

Audio to SDI $195

SDI to Analog $195

Analog to SDI $195

Optical Fiber 12G $155

UpDownCross HD $155

Introducing Teranex Mini, the next generation 12G-SDI converters with award winning Teranex quality and support for all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60! All Teranex Minis include an internal AC power supply, professional XLR analog and AES/EBU audio connections and an ethernet connection for remote management and PoE alternate power! Teranex Mini features a user upgradable front panel that includes a color display and user controls so you can quickly monitor video and change settings right from the front of the converter! You get all of the same great features of regular mini converters and so much more!

SDI to HDMI 12G $495

HDMI to SDI 12G $495

SDI to Analog 12G $495

Analog to SDI 12G $495

SDI to Audio 12G $495

Audio to SDI 12G $495

Optical to HDMI 12G $495

HDMI to Optical 12G $495

SDI Distribution 12G $495

12G-SDI to Quad SDI $495

Quad SDI to 12G-SDI $495