NAB 2023 News

BirdDog – Leaning into NDI with Their PTZ Camera Line

Birddog isn’t new to our industry or to NDI, but they certainly are getting our attention. They have quietly established themselves as one of the true leaders in PTZ camera technology while a lot of others are just slapping their labels onto the same unit. They are developing their own […]

Accsoon: Democratizing Wireless Video

Accsoon hit the market a few years ago as just another affordable wireless video transmission system, offering a cheap alternative to systems like Teradek for on-set remote monitoring. Since then Accsoon has developed a line of products that set them apart from their competitors. Their latest models, like the CineView Quad Multi-spectrum […]

Brompton Is the King of LED Video Wall Processors for Virtual Production

The people at Brompton know LED colorimetry. While at NAB 2023, we saw things at their booth that blew our mind. They are really doing it right with a strong eye for the future. Yes, they cost more money than anyone else, but if maximizing the color accuracy and response […]

NAB Show 2023 Highlights

OK, we were only there for 2 1/2 days this year, so we didn’t see everything. Attendance was up quite a bit from last year and everyone and their brother has their own brand of LED video wall. Here are some pics and short blurbs of what we did see […]