Z Systems DAM demos for MAC 7/11/18:

First Up – A Traditional Systems Utilizing CatDV:

Square Box Systems CatDV Asset Management Software

  • Powerful and customizable
  • Component Based – catDV is asset management software only.  You need to add all the other components (server, storage, networking, transcoding, backup, archive, etc.)
  • Web and ‘fat client’ interface options available
  • Chargers per license – web and fat client
  • Significant costs for training, customizing, commissioning and ongoing support
  • Not a SAAS platform

A Less Expensive Option – ProMAX PLATFORM

ProMAX PLATFORM Workflow Server
  • All-In-One solution: Shared storage (Windows-based) server, asset management, data protection (backup, archive, mirroring, cloning, replication, and snapshots), transcoding, automated proxy generation, automated rules-based metadata, After Effects Render Node.
  • Single web GUI – easy to learn.
  • Powerful security and rights management – can join an Active Directory domain if desired
  • Since it is a Windows server at its core, you can add on third party apps.
  • Much simpler training, commissioning, and ongoing support
  • Comes in 26 different configurations based on storage, networking, and internal processing needs.
  • Not a SAAS platform

A Possible Third Option – Iconik

  • A new solution we saw at NAB
  • 100% cloud based
  • SAAS model


About Z Systems:

  • 6,000 sq. ft. showroom / demo facility in Saint Louis Park.
  • A Minnesota, woman-owned and operated small business.
  • Eight full time employees – we rarely use outside contractors
  • 2018 is our 20th year in business
  • Our core values are:
    • Technical Excellence
    • Fierce Customer Advocates
    • Focused On Value Engineering

Our Value Proposition:

  • Customized solutions – we pick the best product based on your needs – not married to just a couple vendors
  • Local support in addition to manufacturers’ support – the best of both worlds!
  • Personalized service
  • Minnesota based woman owned small business
  • AND since we match internet pricing, Z Systems doesn’t cost you a penny more!

Our Process For Asset Management Solution Design, Implementation, and Maintenance:

  1. Needs analysis -Use cases, security concerns, budget, growth potential, anticipated management overhead, etc.
  2. Conceptual design – Are we on the right track?  Does the cost make sense for your organization?
  3. Documentation of anticipated workflow.
  4. Detailed design and presentation of final pricing.
  5. Implementation – hardware, software, setting up shares, metadata fields, and automation
  6. Pilot testing and refinement of system and workflow – Are our designs making sense in the real world with real users?
  7. Rollout and training – administrator and user level.
  8. Ongoing maintenance and feature additions
  9. Annual support and system upgrades – critical with these systems.

Other Resources:

For More Information, Please Contact:

John Zdechlik, 952-974-3140 x 203.  johnz@zsyst.com