AJA 3G HD – 1×6 3G/HD/SD Reclocking Distribution Amplifier (Rental)


Key Features

  • Auto-Sensing Input
  • Six Separately Buffered Outputs
  • Reclocking & Equalization
  • Universal Power Supply Included

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The AJA 3GDA is a miniature, low-cost 1×6 3G HD-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI reclocking distribution amplifier. Featuring six separately buffered SDI outputs, the 3GDA provides automatic input detection, re-clocking and cable equalization.

Split one SDI signal into six with the AJA 3GDA 3G-SDI 1×6 Reclocking Distribution Amplifier. Useful in studios and digital signage applications, this unit features an auto-sensing input and six separately buffered outputs with cable equalization and re-clocking, for a clean signal over long cable runs. Both input and outputs support embedded audio. A universal locking power supply comes included.


Rental Includes:

  • AJA 3GDA 3G-SDI 1×6 Re-clocking Distribution Amplifier



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