Blackmagic Design Cloud Store Max (48TB)


Key Features

  • High performance flash memory based network storage.
  • Compact rack mount design with quiet cooling.
  • 12 internal M.2 flash memory cards for up to 48 TB capacity.
  • RAID 0 memory configuration for high performance.
  • Sync to Blackmagic Cloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Includes HDMI and SDI monitoring output with live storage status.
  • Includes fast 100G and 10G Ethernet ports.
  • Supports Ethernet over USB-C connection to computers.
  • No subscriptions, no licenses and no user data tracking.
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Blackmagic Design Cloud Store Max 48TB High Performance Flash Memory Based Network Storage

Blackmagic Cloud Store Max, new 1RU models of Cloud Store network storage. Cloud Store Max features extremely high performance flash storage, with 24 and 48TB models, 12 card RAID 0 flash memory core, 4 x 10G Ethernet, 100G Ethernet, USB-C and Blackmagic Cloud sync for distributing files globally.

Blackmagic Cloud Store Max gives customers high performance network storage designed for the film and television industry. Plus it understands Blackmagic Cloud media sync and supports DaVinci Resolve proxy files. This means the moment a film crew starts shooting, the camera media will sync within seconds so the post production team can start working. With an incredibly fast flash based memory core, lots of users can all work at the same time. That’s perfect for sharing large media files between editors, colorists, audio engineers and VFX artists. Customers can even build a broadcast replay system by connecting multiple HyperDeck recorders and DaVinci Resolve 19. There’s even a status monitor output.

Blackmagic Cloud Store is the perfect storage solution for film and television. It’s designed to handle the large media files used in film and television where multiple editors, colorists, audio engineers and VFX artists all work on the media at the same time. It even handles massive 12K Blackmagic RAW digital film files. Each user gets zero latency and they don’t need to store files on their local computer. That’s perfect for DaVinci Resolve. It’s also perfect for live replay with DaVinci Resolve 19.

Blackmagic Cloud Store models feature large parallel flash memory cores with lots of space for their media files. That’s fantastic for film and television production as customers get high performance, large capacity, all in a portable design. M.2 flash memory cards are used for extreme reliability, high access speeds and zero seek times. The new Max model has 12 x M.2 cards arranged in a massive parallel RAID 0 group for extreme performance. That ensures enough speed to keep up with dozens of users.

With very high speed 10G and 100G Ethernet connections, Blackmagic Cloud Store Max is very fast. The internal memory core has been designed to saturate the 10G Ethernet ports to their theoretical maximum speed, even with multiple users connected.


**Shipping in July 2024



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