Genelec 8010A 3″ 2-Way 50W Active Studio Monitor


  • 3″ Woofer, 3/4″ Metal-Dome Tweeter
  • 50W Class-D Amplification
  • Proprietary Waveguide
  • Bass Reflex Port
  • Sensitivity and Low-Frequency Adjustment
  • Low-Diffraction Aluminum Enclosure
  • Balanced XLR Input
  • Automatic Power-Saving Mode
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Includes Isolation Stand
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Genelec 8010A Overview

The white Genelec 8010A is a single 2-way active studio monitor designed to provide accurate mix referencing for audio engineers, musicians, and producers in project studios, small control rooms, or mobile setups. It features 50W of Class-D amplification driving a 3” woofer and 3/4” metal-dome tweeter, producing a frequency response of 67 Hz to 25 kHz.

A proprietary waveguide enhances imaging while the bass reflex port extends the low-frequency response. The aluminum enclosure is shaped to minimize diffraction. It supports a balanced input via an XLR 3-pin connector. Room compensation options include a sensitivity switch and multiple low-frequency adjustments. There is a selectable power-saving mode that enables automatic power up/down via a signal-sensing circuit.

The 8010A offers multiple mounting options including three pairs of threaded holes for compatibility with various brackets and an Iso-Pod isolation stand.

  • 3″ woofer and 3/4″ metal-dome tweeter
  • 50W Class-D amplification
  • 67 Hz to 25 kHz frequency response (-6 dB), 74 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response (± 2.5 dB)
  • Proprietary waveguide utilizes DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) technology for improved imaging and wider listening area
  • Bass reflex port provides extended low-frequency response
  • Room compensation controls include sensitivity and low-frequency adjustments
  • Low-diffraction aluminum enclosure utilizes MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) technology
  • Balanced XLR 3-pin input
  • ISS (Intelligent Signal Sensing) automatic power-saving mode
  • Multiple mounting options: Iso-Pod and three pairs of threaded holes that are compatible with OmniMount, VESA, and Sanus brackets
  • Includes Iso-Pod isolation stand for vibration decoupling