Iconik Prepaid Credit

The pricing is different – you purchase credits and then your account is charged on a monthly basis based on actual usage.

What ​is ​iconik?
Cantemo ​Iconik™ ​is ​a ​hybrid ​cloud ​media ​management ​platform ​aimed ​at ​enabling ​global collaboration ​and ​unifying ​creative ​minds. ​It ​greatly ​reduces ​the  complexity ​around ​media management, ​helping ​users ​discover ​their ​content ​in ​a ​new ​and ​meaningful ​way. ​

Being ​natively built ​for ​the ​cloud ​means ​iconik ​is ​highly ​elastic ​and ​extensible, ​while ​offering ​rapid ​scalability
and ​truly ​global ​collaboration ​possibilities. ​It ​includes ​a ​number ​of ​core ​functionalities ​crucial ​for
media ​aggregation ​and ​management, ​such ​as ​ingestion, ​distribution, ​rights ​adherence ​and
metadata ​processing.

Iconik™ ​is ​a ​standalone ​solution, ​but ​it ​is ​also ​a ​great ​complement ​to ​Cantemo ​Portal, ​integrating
easily ​to ​act ​as ​a ​hybrid ​cloud ​extension ​for ​Portal. ​Customers ​can, ​for ​example, ​use ​Portal ​for
local ​production ​whilst ​pushing ​content ​and ​metadata ​based ​on ​pre-defined ​rules ​to ​iconik ​to
share ​with ​the ​rest ​of ​the ​company ​or ​external ​stakeholders.

Iconik™ ​is ​suited ​to ​a ​myriad ​of ​different ​companies ​handling ​media ​files ​of ​varying ​types. ​From
the ​small ​enterprise ​using ​video ​in ​its ​marketing ​efforts ​to ​the ​large ​scale ​broadcaster ​dealing
with ​huge ​volumes ​of ​video ​files.

The best thing about Iconik™ is that it is a pay-as-you-go solution.  There really aren’t any start-up costs and no hardware to purchase to get up and running!

You purchase pre-paid credits and then your actual monthly usage charges are deducted.

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