LumaForge Jellyfish Mobile

From: $9,495.00

The Jellyfish is designed for one thing and one thing only: collaborative video workflow. That means high bandwidth, low latency, and no dropped frames. Modern video workflow places demands on shared storage unlike any other industry. That’s why a repurposed storage solution, one designed for anything other than video workflow, will leave you disappointed and struggling to stay afloat. Your storage is either working for you, or working against you. Choose wisely.


    Portable 8-Bay whisper-quiet shared storage system designed for collaborative video production and post-production workflows, from HD to 4K and beyond, as well as VR. Up to 2300MB/sec aggregate read performance and 1500MB/sec aggregate write performance. Includes (2) 10GbE RJ45 direct connect users, expandable to up to (6) total 10GbE direct connect users or up to (14) total 16GBE direct connect users without a switch (and more with a switch). Includes 1 hour remote install and 30 days remote support. 3 year warranty

    Jellyfish Mobile is available in 4 different sizes.

    32TB = 32TB raw / 23TB Avail.

    48TB = 48TB raw / 35TB Avail.

    64TB = 64TB raw / 46TB Avail.

    80TB = 80TB raw / 58TB Avail.

    raw = Manufacturers stated disk capacity

    Avail. = Capacity after parity (Virtual RAID5), overhead, performance buffer.