Panasonic AK-UB300 4K Multi-Purpose Camera


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The Panasonic AK-UB300 is a 4K Multi Purpose Camera which provides both high-image quality and precise operation for sports, remote studios, live concerts and aerial shooting applications. It is compatible with pan/tilt systems and thanks to its compact body, light weight and LAN control, it can be mounted on a pantilt configuration – from both Panasonic and 3rd party systems. Thanks to its 4-position ND filter wheel (ND1/4, ND1/16, ND1/64), the camera can be used in very bright conditions.

The AK-UB300 provides 4K image quality for sports and other live events. It also can achieve 4K image in remarkable choice for aerial shooting from a helicopter and more. To maximize flexibility and handle a wide range of needs, the AK-UB300 has a digital haze clear function to watch traffic of road or harbor. It provides 4K output (3G x 4) and HD-SDI output simultaneously, various focus assist functions and HD cut-out picture. In addition, HD-IP streaming and IP control enable system integration with AW series remote panels.

Panasonic AK-UB300 Key Features:

4K Video
Applying the built-in conversion lens, 2/3″ lens type can be used with this 4K large-format camera without an adapter and achieves clear and crisp image quality. The new imaging system makes maximum use of incident light to achieve a wide dynamic range.
Auto Tracing White Balance Function
Automatically adjusts the white balance in even outdoor environments where the color temperature changes every second.
Automatic Gain Control
It not only has automatic iris control, but it also comes with a reduced shock, contiguous automatic variable gain control with a range of -6 dB to +36 dB. Moreover, the AGC allows you to choose between the normal mode, favor movement, and favor clarity.

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