Panasonic AW-HN130 HD Integrated PTZ Camera with NDI|HX

HE130 plus NDI | HX License

Key Features

  • 4-Ch IP, SDI/HDMI Out, NDI Connectivity
  • IP Ch 1: Up to 1080p60/50
  • IP Ch 2: 1080p30, Ch 3/4: 720p30
  • Power-over-Ethernet+ (PoE+)
  • 1/2.86″ 3MOS Sensor + Advanced DSP
  • 20x Zoom Lens
  • IP Multicasting to up to 14 Devices
  • Flexible Remote Control Compatibility
  • 12-Axis Color Correction
  • Built-In ND Filters / OIS
  • JZ's Notes: HE130 plus NDI | HX License
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The Panasonic AW-HN130 HD Integrated PTZ Camera with NDI|HX, in black, is capable of transmitting up to four channels over IP, and at the same time, a single channel over SDI or HDMI, or you can use the NDI protocol to stream video and audio, control (IP), Tally, and power over a single Ethernet cable. Transmitting over IP enables four channels of video, with channel 1 supporting up to 1080p60 H.264 transmission, IP channel 2 up to 1080p30, and IP channels 3 and 4 supporting up to 720p30. The SDI and HDMI outputs support up to 1080p60. In a multicast setup, the four IP channels can be sent simultaneously to a total of up to 14 devices (including one Android device).

The AW-HN130 features a high-sensitivity, low-noise 1/2.86″ 3MOS sensor, an advanced digital signal processor (that’s used in Panasonic broadcast camcorders such as the AJ-PX270), and a motorized 20x zoom lens. It’s designed to capture high-image quality even in low-light conditions in sports, news, corporate, and other professional applications. The camera also offers Power-over-Ethernet+ (PoE+), which delivers more power than standard PoE and also allows for quicker and less expensive installation. Other features include 12-axis color correction, built-in neutral density filters, and optical image stabilization.


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