Panasonic AW-RP50 Remote Camera Controller


Key features

  • Uses IP and Serial Control
  • Control up to 5 Panasonic PTZ Cameras
  • Offers Automatic IP Setup
  • Up to 100 Presets per Camera

Special Order – Please call or email re availability

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The AW-RP50 Remote Camera Controller from Panasonic uses serial and IP control to support Panasonic pan/tilt heads, integrated, and box cameras. Simple to set up and operate, the controller offers automatic IP setup and can be configured via your PC.

Using the Remote Camera Controller, you can control one camera simultaneously with up to five AW-RP50 via IP or serial control. It also allows you to control up to 100 AW-HE50S/H units via an IP connection when using a network (switching) hub. The Automatic IP Address Setup function automatically assigns IP addresses to the AW-HE50S/H or AW-HS50 units.

Camera functions including pan/tilt, zoom, focus, iris, gain, pedestal, shutter, white/black balance, and switch scene files can be adjusted remotely via the device. Ergonomically designed, the compact Panasonic AW-RP50 controller is ideal for use in remote productions, educational settings, and house-of-worship use.

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