Panasonic Electronic HD Color View Finder for VariCam LT


Key Features

  • HD Resolution OLED Display
  • -3.6 to +1.4 Diopter Range
  • Peaking, Zoom, and Waveform
  • Two User-Assignable Function Buttons
  • Supports Tally
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Panasonic Electronic HD Color View Finder for VariCam LT

The Electronic HD Color View Finder for VariCam LT supports 1080p, 1080PsF, and 1080i video resolutions via SDI. It features an adjustable diopter range of -3.6 to +1.4, which makes it well suited for many different camera operators. You can access focus peaking as well as waveform (in single color and parade). The View Finder also allows you to zoom in on the image to check focus. Two user-assignable function buttons allow you to quickly access oft-used functions. The display also features both a red and green tally indicator, active when the camera is recording/in standby or when a tally signal is received.

The addition of a newly developed 1080p OLED panel has enabled a high-definition (1920×1080) display. This combines with low latency and sharp, accurate colors to meet the high-end needs of the movie industry for uncompromising image creation. A large-diameter 38-mm eyepiece lens and wide field angle with viewfinder magnification of 0.78x, which are popular with current models, achieve comfortable viewing with Panasonic’s unique optical zoom lens inside the viewfinder. Versatile exposure assist and focus assist tools are also featured.

NOTE: Camera and mounting bracket sold separately.


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