SHAPE Remote Extension Handle for Sony FS5/FS5M2 Camera


Key Features

  • Includes Male to Female LANC Cable
  • Push-Button 360° Rotation
  • Two-Inch Length Adjustment Range
  • Mounts with ARRI Rosette & Knob Screw
  • Compatible with Sony Handle
  • Max Length: 11″
  • Folded Length: 5.6″
  • Special Order: Special Order
  • QW: qw

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SHAPE Remote Extension Handle for Sony FS5/FS5M2 Camera

The Remote Extension Handle for Sony FS5/FS5M2 Camera from SHAPE is a variable-length adjustable handle designed to reposition the FS5 or FS5M2’s remote grip away from the camera while retaining full remote functionality. The handle easily mounts to the FS5/FS5M2 using an ARRI style rosette connection and knob screw on one side, and a native Sony grip connection on the other. An included male to female LANC extension cable connects the remote grip to the camera body, maintaining full functionality after relocation.

The arm itself features SHAPE’s patented push-button release which allows the joint to be rotated a full 360° to any required angle. Compact for both storage and travel, the arm measures just 5.6″ when folded and may be increased to a maximum length of 11″ for use. A length adjustment range of 2″ is also provided to the user for a more customized and comfortable fit.



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