SHAPE REVOLT VCT Universal Baseplate with Telescopic Handles


Key Features


  • Front to Back Sliding Plate providing you with a quick positioning of your camera accessories for an optimal adjustment of your camera’s balance center.
  • Easy adjustment of the rod bloc height to match the optical center of your camera.
  • Front and rear rod blocs can be fixed to the baseplate allowing you to install more accessories.
  • Integration of sophisticated tool box for a quick access to your Allen Key and extra screws.
  • Safety Pins and Ratchet knobs to prevent the plate from sliding, to secure the rods and to increase the strength of your rig.
  • Soft & Ergonomic Shoulder Mount


  • Unique patented SHAPE BLACK QUICK HANDLE push-button technology
  • Compatible with all standard ARRI rosettes
  • Single BLACK knob for fast & easy adjustment for a fixed and solid position
  • Ratchet knob for extendible arm (1.5″ additional length) and rotating handle for multiple positions
  • Individual rotation on a 360° axis


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The REVOLT vct universal baseplate combined with the SHAPE DOUBLE BLACK HANDLE ARRI ROSETTE.

The SHAPE VCT UNIVERSAL BASEPLATE offers a unique design created for professional cameras. It is made of a sturdy and lightweight support system, compatible with different lens adapters from Sony, Canon, RED, Panasonic, Blackmagic, ARRI and many other camera models with interchangeable lenses.