Sony Camera Training – Advanced

Starting At $350.00

From $350/person + $50 to provide camera if necessary

  • Learn advanced features of your camera for streamlined customization
  • Learn All Files and Scene Files
  • Education on camera profiles and custom user menus
  • Learn how to assign custom buttons
  • Training on S&Q motion
  • Learn functions specific to your camera model
  • Terms and Conditions: For additional training, see other packages. On location within Twin Cities metro area.
  • Starting Price: $350/person + $50 to provide camera if necessary
  • Tech Service: Yes

Sony Camera Training – Advanced

Sony camera training for advanced users from Z Systems in Saint Louis Park, MN.

  • How do I make a Sony All File?
  •  How do I make a Sony Camera Profile?
  •  How do I customize the Sony User Menu?
  •  How do I use S&Q motion?

If these are questions you have had about your Sony camera then this training is for you.  It covers the advanced functionality found in Sony cameras designed to streamline operation and give users a customized experience. Functions vary depending on camera model.

About Z Systems Tech Services

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